8.8 Grade Hex Bolt

8.8 Grade Hex Bolt Manufacturers In Delhi, Ludhiana India

8.8 Grade Hex Bolt Suppliers

A hex bolt of 8.8 grades is designed to be tightened with a standard spanner or ratchet and socket. Swarna Fasteners takes the pride in being one of the majorly appreciated 8.8 Grade Hex Bolt Manufacturers In Delhi, India. These bolts are renowned to fix the heavyweight machines with ease.

Appreciable Attributes Of 8.8 Grade Hex Bolt:

  • The 8.8 grading on hex nuts ensures that the bolts are two times as strong as regular bolts.
  • These are used in Railroad Equipment, Motors, Engines and Processing Equipment.
  • 8.8 Grade Hex Bolt exhibits exceptional tensile strength and is durable in nature.
  • These bolts are manufactured to use in heavy-duty machines.

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