What’s So Special About Alphabet Bolts?


What’s So Special About Alphabet Bolts?

We started learning alphabets in primary classes and its use is visible everywhere, in fasteners too. No, we are not kidding. There are three bolts that have been named after alphabets, namely J Bolt, U Bolt and T Bolt. There is a list of reasons that make them special and below, we will be defining the same. Being one of the best Stainless Steel Bolt Manufacturers, we provide these special-purpose bolts at considerable rates.

  • J Bolt – It is a j-shaped bolt which is threaded on the flat side. Due to its varied shape, they are able to provide great support. Their hugely acknowledged features including their appropriateness to be used in wet concrete and cement. They are easy to get drilled in the concrete wall and offers great strength and efficiency.
  • U Bolt – This bolt is shaped like the English alphabet “U”, which means that it has two threaded arms connected to a curved base. It is generally used with a screw, washer or other fasteners and it is highly stable and ensures fast installation.
  • T Bolt – It is a bolt that is used for applications like a suction hose which calls for a secure connection. The reasons that make them so demanded are the properties of perfect sealing and being corrosion resistant. And yes, it is shaped like “T”.

You can place your order of any of these bolts from one of the zealous J, U, T Bolt Manufacturers such as Swarna Fasteners. We have the willingness to offer you with the best-grade materials. Call us to know more.

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